Mainstage Theatre

The Mainstage Theatre at the New Albany PAC seats 78 patrons.  The space is equipped with state of the art lighting, sound,  and a ticketing system.  There is a small dressing room off the stage left side and a small bar can be staffed for drinks before the show and during intermission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent the space?

The Mainstage Theatre can be rented for $100 per day ($600/week) and 12.5% of ticket sales.  There may also be a cost of $15/hour towards a NAPAC staff member.  This cost entitles the performing arts organization to also make use of the lighting, sound, and ticketing system.  The NAPAC Board approves all requests.  Proof of liability insurance is required before an application will be approved.

What if I need a place to rehearse?

We are happy to do our best to help any performing arts organization who has an extended contract with NAPAC find rehearsal space at a very low cost with local partners.

What if I want to use the Mainstage Theatre for several productions over the year? 

Great!  Contact us about our Resident Partner program.

Are there any restrictions regarding the type of material we perform in the space?

We hope to host many different types of entertainment, but the NAPAC board retains the right to not approve any rental proposal that we feel doesn't meet our standards.

What if I want to start a brand new performing arts organization in New Albany?

Great!  Please contact us about our Nest Partner Program.